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Mad Quickies: sardine cans, paper microbes, lightning and more

It’s the Friday Quickies! Sorry I’m late today, guys. I was busy celebrating Independence Day in the age-old customs of our American ancestors: with cookouts and fireworks. And now for some liberty links…


46 Facts About the American First Ladies


Craig Shimala caught some amazing natural fireworks in Chicago. The unusual thing is that he caught the same triple strike four years ago. Here’s the time lapse…

Chicago Derecho Storm Video and Time-lapse Highlights – June 30, 2014

More on the Triple Lightning Strike on Three of Chicago’s Tallest Buildings.

from the page
This is a highlight reel of all the lightning I was able to capture during the evening of June 30th 2014 in Chicago. The crazy thing is this the second time I have captured a triple lightning strike on the Willis Tower, Trump Tower and John Hancock Building. This time it was a still from a time-lapse. The previous time was video which can be seen here.

Gear used. Canon 7D with 8mm fisheye lens, 50mm lens, 17-40mm and a GoPro Hero2
Music: Ocean Death by Baths



Featured image is by Rogan Brown.



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