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Mad Quickies: Salina Turda, #dinodinaseries, Cubetto, Cosmic Debunking and More!

You guys- we made it to Wednesday and I must say you are looking happy to be here. I will be your server today but you’ve got Bri on Friday. Right now? I’ve got some Quickies for you- onward!

Designed by London-based Primo Toys, Cubetto is a wooden robot play set that teaches kids how to code.

The Bad Astronomer gets arty when he debunks the “Cosmic Ice Sculptures” photo. Via Mindy T.

I submit to you that New Order’s “Blue Monday” is at its most interesting when it’s played on obsolete 1930s instruments. Via Sarafina

Photographer Jorge Saenz adds toy dinosaurs to travel photos and the results are scramble your perspective. #dinodinaseries at instagram

James Gleick’s next book is about time travel. “It’s availablein the future.”

A 17th-century salt Romanian mine, Salina Turda, is converted into a wild tourist attraction. Trippy and gorgeous.

Complete and utter silliness… and some actual ingenuity: 30+ Engineers Who Totally Fixed Things. Or did they.

Super Cool Twitter Moment: Lady Naturalist meets a beautiful feathered theropod. Via Critical Dragon


Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments

from the page
New Order’s “Blue Monday” was released on 7 March 1983, and its cutting-edge electronic groove changed pop music forever. But what would it have sounded like if it had been made 50 years earlier? In a special film, using only instruments available in the 1930s – from the theremin and musical saw to the harmonium and prepared piano – the mysterious Orkestra Obsolete present this classic track as you’ve never heard it before.


Featured image is by Jorge Saenz.



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