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Mad Quickies: Rosa Parks House, Dronestagram, Smiling Assassins, Flight Lapse, Frog Lapse and More!

Good day, my friends! We made it through another week of political anxiety punctuated by spikes of sheer terror. It’s time for some beauty, wonder and lovely human accomplishments. Shall we? …

Rosa Parks’ house was saved from demolition by Ryan Mendoza, an American artist in Berlin.

I mentioned this project a little while ago, and now, here’s more! Find Out All the Stories From Reddit’s Massive Collaborative Art Project. [timelapse GIF below]

Twitter find: @archillect posts quirky, zen, and elegantly provocative visuals. A portmanteau of archive + intellect, Archillect is a synthetic intelligence made to find and share visuals over the social channels.

A Jenga-style cylindrical tower of books appears to go on forever. Trippy!

At the NYT, Jennifer Senior reviews Ivanka’s book “Women Who Work”. “It’s a strawberry milkshake of inspirational quotes.” And as I understand it, women quoted int eh book have been disavowing it mightily.

Olga Shirnina aka Klimbim colorized the smiling assassins of Russia’s anti-Nazi women’s sniper unit. Check out more of Klimbim’s work here.

Li makes Extra Ordinary Comics that feature her, her partner Jordan and Shoelace their cat. Yes, it’s sweet, but it’s gently wise and funny in the tradition of Liz Climo.

Today’s eye candy and possible rabbit hole: A curated group of stunning images by the photographers of Dronestagram at Wired and the original site Dronestagram. Good luck getting back to whatever you were doing before you clicked this.


In case you didn’t catch this already or would love to watch this again…
From pilot/photographer Sales Wick
What a Pilot Sees on an Overnight Flight from Zurich to Sao Paulo

Props to twisted sifter.

from the page

Flying through the night, while the world beneath us is at sleep, is a pretty common thing as a longhaul pilot. Late evening departures lead to far distant destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo or J’burg. Depending on the direction of the flight the crew and the passengers either have a short night up ahead if flying eastbound or almost eternal darkness if headed westwards. Read the full article on:


Wildlife and Science filmmaker Francis Chee created this…
Microscopic Timelapse of the Divided Cells of a Frog Egg Developing Into a Tadpole

Read more about this remarkable timelapse at the Squid.


maramok did a metric ton of work to bring us…
The Reddit Art Project time lapse

Thirteen clickable zoom areas are provided in a list.


This seriously got me through this week of wretched politics…
Green Day performs “Holiday” live

As relevant as the first time around. Perhaps moreso.


Featured image is courtesy of the photographers of Dronestagram.



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