Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Revolutionary Wimmen’s Comix, Tut Space Dagger, Hot Strings DIY and More!

Happy Friday, guys! We made it! And you know what THAT means… Surf’s up!

The Radical Story Behind The First All-Women Feminist Comic Book Series. “How “Wimmen’s Comix” turned the boy’s club of underground comix inside out.” Probably nsfw. Via Amy

Dylan is a welder. Yes, Bob. That Dylan. No, like a REAL welder. He makes big iron gates our of scrap metal. Via Beth

Very fun post from the Bad Astronomer: King Tut had a dagger that fell from spaaaaaaaace.

X marks the spot with these Adventure Time/X-Men mashups. Artist Katie Goodrich is responsible for this awesomeness. Via Courtney

Here’s a happy development. The Sims 4 Breaks Down Gender Restrictions. Via Critical Dragon

Artist Julie Alice Chappell upcycles old circuit boards into winged insects and these are her latest creations. [There’s a joke in here somewhere about buggy computers.]

DIY Nerdz: here’s how to make a Mad Max flame-throwing guitar. Apocalyptic stage truck not included. [Via Courtney] And if that’s not enough flame-throwing maker goodness, add a hot uke to your growing molten band. [Video below]



Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest | Coming This Fall

Via Amy


Another super hot DIY project:
Mad Max Doof Warrior Inspired Flamethrower Ukulele
Via Jim

from the page

The inspiration for this project was the Doof Warrior’s flamethrower guitar from Mad Max. Nothing says rock-n-roll more than actual fire entwined with your tunes! I didn’t want to try to replicate exactly what he had, and I also wanted to scale things down to be marginally safer. This version can be built from hardware store parts in a very short amount of time.


Sea Sapphires

Read more here.

Via Ethan


Featured images are Jake Wolverine and Finn Cyclops by Katie Goodrich.



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  1. Donna,

    By the way, you might want to include a “NSFW warning” for that first link you posted.  The one about the “wimmen’s comix” series.  Its rather interesting, but it includes some nudity and sexual content, that isn’t appropriate for some audiences.

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