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Mad Quickies: PopUp Art, Lego Spirograph, Comics Roundup, LGBT Kid Books, Truffle Mummies and More!

Ahoy, maties! If you’re interested in some justifiable diversion, I’ve got a raft of Quickies sure to keep you afloat today. Let’s go!

This is jaw-droppingly beautiful: The Extraordinary Details of Tiny Creatures Captured with a Laser-Scanning Microscope by photographer and neurobiologist Igor Siwanowicz.

Torrin J. Hallett is currently a double major at Oberlin College, studying music composition, horn performance and mathematics. He writes about his experience visiting the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, where they are Creating Music from Data.

Cat Rackham, Hilda and the Stone Forest, and Mooncop are three of The 14 Most Interesting Comics of September in this cool Mental Floss round-up. Via Critical Dragon

From Maria Popova, The Best LGBT Children’s Books: A Sweet and Assuring Celebration of Diversity and Difference. This isn’t just a recommended collection. This is a long curated scroll of gorgeous, meaningful illustrations and excerpts. It’s a standout post.

Leyland James Kirby creates as The Caretaker and his ambitious six-album project is about the onset and stages of dementia. Here’s the deep dive.

Scarlett Johansson is interested in a Black Widow movie and she’s got some ideas. Also, I love her.

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks modded out a LEGO Spirograph to make circular designs. And you can, too!

Animated GIFs Illustrating the Art of Japanese Wood Joinery.

Infographic Amazing-ness: The Depths of the Ocean to Scale (at least what we know of it).

Halloween Recipe of the Day: No-bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle Mummies from Creme de la Crumb.


Engineering the Perfect Pop

Via Eliot S.

from the page

Using scissors, tape, and reams of creativity, Matthew Reinhart engineers paper to bend, fold, and transform into fantastic creatures, structures and locales. By adjusting the angles of folds and the depth of layers, Reinhart animates his subjects to tell dramatic stories that literally pop off the page.


Featured image is an excerpt of a Midge Pupa by Igor Siwanowicz .



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