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Mad Quickies: Pokémayans, Codex Silenda, Olympic No-Nos, Dupe or Doig Doppelgänger, Getty Lawsuit and More!

Surprise! You didn’t expect the Quickies, did you? Well, nobody expects the Mad Art Quickisition. Fetch the comfy chair!

Bret Easton Ellis takes on “social justice warriors”: “These women are so deluded they border on insanity.” He speculated, “Or maybe they have just not gotten laid in four years.” Yes. He said that. I guess you say a lot of things when you’re not relevant anymore. Via Courtney

Mad Art Jim sez, “Artist Peter Doig is trying to prove a particular piece isn’t one of his works, and it’s uncovered the life of his apparent doppelgänger.” Facing lawsuit, Peter Doig must prove desert painting is not his work.

Photographer Carol Highsmith was billed for her own photo. Now she’s suing Getty Images for $1 billion. Via Amy

Schopenhauer on the Essential Difference Between How Art and Science Reveal the World. Via Robin

“Science and design aren’t typically used in the same sentence, but they should be,” says Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, a neurologist-turned-designer. Nasa’s secret art studio: how to make rocket science beautiful . “The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which takes on Nasa’s most ambitious missions, runs a studio where a mix of design and engineering creates stunning results

Industrial designer Brady Whitney created the Codex Silenda, a wooden puzzle book that has to be physically solved in order to read it.

Pokémon Get a Majestic Mayan Makeover in Mexican illustrator Mona Roble’s “Pokémayans” Project. And the results are fantastic! Via Courtney

In the Upside Down: The Best ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Art. Via Amy

The Olympic Committee sez Non-Sponsors Can’t Use Official Olympic Hashtags. Via Jim

Oh, and the Olympics Committee is also prohibiting the press from making GIFs. This is one busy committee CLEARLY focused on the important things. Via Courtney

Retail find: Mario Cat Complex by Catastrophic Creations.


Samuel Jackson explains Game of Thrones for us

Via Dr. Ray

Found here.


Featured image is “Control” by Pawel Kuczynski.


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