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Mad Quickies: Plastic Jesus, Female Artists Advice, Cyborg Stingray, RIP VCR, Purple Yoda and More!

WE MADE IT YOU GUYZ AND IT’S THE WEEKEND! Phew. This past week was really something, eh? Let’s not rehash. I’d rather plunge into some cool, refreshing Quickies. Last one in’s a rotten.. SPLOOSH!

Just when we cannot possibly love those NASA nerds more… They’ve put Rocket Raccoon and Groot on their new mission patch.

Artist Shinya Kato has breathed new life into historic Cabinet Cards.

ICYMI. This is one of our favorite moments in this seriously effed-up election cycle. Trump’s Hollywood star gets tiny replica of Mexican border wall . All praise be to Plastic Jesus. Via Amy

The deep-sea acorn worm Yoda Purpurata—quite literally “purple Yoda”—is one of 17 species named after Star Wars characters.

“Try to get past the desire to have everyone like you” seems to be a common message here but there are great individual thoughts throughout. One of my favorites is “All positive feedback is not a good sign.” 18 Female Artists Give Advice to Women Starting Out in the Art World. Via both Cathryn H. and Amy

Retail find: Edible Sea Glass Candy looks like it just washed up on the beach. So pretty! And it’s just one of the offerings from Andie’s Specialty Sweets, known for their candy you should keep away from the kids. [Gears and buttons, egad.]

A couple of mind-blowing stories from Gizmodo: a 3D printed robot powered by organic matter and a cyborg stingray. Tip o’ the beanie to Kaylah K.

Cosmically lovely: Jupiter From Below.

Animated ‘Killing Joke’ Changes the Nature of Batman and Batgirl’s Relationship. To quote Courtney, “Ugh.”

Designer Jay Keeree animated these wonderful, hypnotizing geometric GIFs. Do yourself a favor and investigate his blog for more.

“We’re losing film history and television history every time we switch formats,” says Caetlin Benson-Allott. RIP to the VCR.

Weekend Bonus #1 Something Useful You’ll Wish You Thought Of: How to seal a bag of chips without a clip.

Weekend Bonus #2 Cultural Eye Candy…or Cosplay Reference: Truly glorious traditional wedding outfits from around the world.


Fun and pretty adorable.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Gag Reel

Another fine entry at Laughing Squid.


Featured image is by Shinya Kato.



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