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Mad Quickies: Personal Snowflake, Colossal Bests, Stormchaser Activism and More!

Happy Winter Solstice! I know it’s a day late but I’m still celebrating…which may or may not be why I’m a day late. Nevertheless…onward!

Thanks to Tulp Interactive, here’s a sweet little text-baed interactive to make a digital snowflake greeting.

The Solar System time lapse to scale, the mummified Buddha, the infinite model tran loop… Relive the beautiful, incredible awesomeness that is Colossal with their Top 15 Articles.

Benjamin Von Wong went stormchasing to capture portraits for climate change. Video included as well as the resulting pieces to raise climate change awareness and promote the documentary Cowspiracy.

Do all roads lead to Rome? According to computational designer Benedikt Groß and multi-disciplinary designer Philipp Schmitt, they most definitely do.

In case you’re wondering, here’s Wired’s take on how to wrap a present like a pro.

I love these photos! Pouring Hot Tea At -40C Near The Arctic Circle During Sunset.


From Vincent Peone, a touching stop-motion video on

Why the sea is blue

Found at Laughing Squid.

from the page

Writer and director Vincent Peone tells the story of a young girl falling overboard at sea and having a magical experience in the ocean’s depths… a poignant metaphor for what he thought might be going on in his sister’s mind while she was in a life-threatening coma. Peone wrote this intimate and touching film years ago and finally had the means to bring it to life with Field Day. Much of the score was actually recorded underwater, which lends the film’s incredible and fantastical visuals an entirely unique feeling and tone.


Featured image is by Benjamin Von Wong from the climate change stormchasing series. This one is “Climate Change doesn’t care what you’re going to wear tomorrow.”



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