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Mad Quickies: Pee-Free Walls, Spacecraft Sounds, GoT Characters Autocorrected, the Remake Project and More!

Quickly, my friends, have some Quickies. It would be nice to have some Quik as well. (Chocolate or strawberry for you?) Beverages notwithstanding, I say, Onward!

Artist James Chapman illustrated Game of Thrones characters as their autocorrected names. {via Courtney}

San Francisco is trying out an innovation that seems to work for Hamburg. The Public Works Department is coating select city walls to make them pee-proof to public urinators. {via Surly Amy}

A few years ago, Jeff Hamada mounted a challenge to the interent to recreate their favorite old master paintings as contemporary photographs. The Remake Project is now a book. Lots more at the original Remake Project post.

My beloved grandpop Jim had a little cave of a workroom and it was a pretty magical place with all sorts of gizmos and works-in-progress. I think that bit of nostalgia make this even more wonderful. Welsh artist John Lee Phillips has set out to illustrate every object in his late grandfather’s toolshed.

What student Kevin McBrien learned from the music archives at the Library of Congress: Two Worlds Collide – Erich Leinsdorf Meets Janis Joplin. {via Surly Amy}

Y’know how a word seems to lose its meaning and morph into something else when you say it repeatedly? That’s what I thought of when I saw this. Catherine Théry has arranged Barbie dolls to recreate famous paintings. You would think it would be banal but it’s not.


Bone-Chilling Sounds Picked Up by Spacecraft

{via Critical dragon}

from the page
Here are some downright chilling sounds recorded by several spacecraft. The sounds come from radio signals that are created by solar winds interacting with plasma that is wafting through our solar system.


Featured image includes a recreation of Mondrian’s “Composition With Red, Blue and Yellow” by Katie Jackson and the original.



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