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Mad Quickies: Paper Vitals, Psych Ward Self-Portraits, NASA brand, Skwerl Speak and More!

Hey hey, my friends! I’ve got some lovely Quickies for you. Pencils down! Surf’s up!

It’s noteworthy enough to find a story about 15 female photographers, but this one is superb. These are 15 female photographers whose work reframes femininity in contemporary culture. {via Anne S./Elsa Roberts}

A master with a blade, Annemarieke Kloosterhof created a beautiful papercut series called Vital. Omigodz, little birds in the bronchioles!

In a self-portrait series called UCP-UMGC, photographer Laura Hospes documents her stay in a psychiatric ward after a failed suicide attempt. The series title comes from the unit in which she stayed.

Design Nerdz and NASA Aficionados: Back this Kickstarter and be the proud owner of a limited edition reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual as a hardcover book. This thing of Modernist beauty, comprehensive in its scope as a branding vehicle, was designed by Danne & Blackburn. It had been approved in 1974 and then revoked in 1992. Interesting how the revoked NASA logo and branding looks more relevant than ever.

And speaking of NASA, they announced that they have successfully imaged the shock waves from a supersonic jet … using a 150-year old photography technique.

Employees at Viking, an office supply mail order catalog company, decorated their walls with pixelated Star Wars murals made from Post-It notes. Time-lapse video below.

What do the branding gods think of Google’s new logo? They mostly love it, but here’s what.

If you’ve got the inclination, here’s a long long LONG post on The Dangers of Looking at Ashley Madison Infographics.

The more we have this internet, the more valued are our handmade things. Athens-based Fabulous Cat Papers released a series of notebooks with covers that have vintage science/medical illustrations printed on Japanese paper with hand-stitched embroidery. You guys, I want all of these!

“Skwerl”, a short film by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston, attempts to show what English sounds like to non-English speakers {via Critical Dragon 1177}


I’m a total sucker for time-lapse videos of people making things, so here ya’ go!

Star Wars Inspired Post-it Note Wall Art

from the page

After being inspired by Ben Brucker’s superhero wall art, we let a small team loose in the office with a big stack of post-it notes and an imagination brimming with anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars film.


Featured image is by Reuben Wu of the the Blue Fire Crater the Ijen and Bromo Tengger Semeru volcanoes in East Java.



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