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Mad Quickies: Paleontologist Rant, Paper Microbes, Art Crime, Apophenia Video and More

Hey there, when you’re tired of cyber shopping [shameless pitch for our gift guide], put down that credit card because surf’s up!

Artist Rogan Brown cuts intricate paper microbes. These specimens are both hand- and laser-cut.

This will surely delight you. Watch this brief video because there is a reveal about this book in 30 seconds.

Leonardo Patterson is a Costa Rican art dealer living in Germany. He did a really bad thing and got a slap on the hand. The hell?! Via Courtney.

Paleontologist Brian Switek posits that “The Good Dinosaur” squandered 66 million years of evolutionary history. Via Critical Dragon

Where in the world was Michele Banks? In Finland. In winter[ish]. For SCIENCE AND ART!

Prussian Blue and its Partner in Crime is a colorful story of intrigue. Who knew? Via Julie M.

In the project, “Everything We Touch”, 62 people in 11 cities around the world catalog everything they touch in a 24-hour period. And then Paula Zucotti photographs it. You might say the catalogs the cataloging.

Retail find: This handmade Cthulhu ornament from Shanalogic.


Just for fun…
They Might Be Giants – Apophenia (Dial-A-Song Week 47)

FYI: “Apophenia is the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data.” [wiki]


Featured image is an excerpt from Rogan Brown’s paper microbes.



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