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Mad Quickies: OK Go Behind The Scenes, SNL Beyoncé, Mummy Clues, Tool Tattoos and More!

You guys- I did a tradesies with Bri and I will be your Quickies server today. So that guy and his art crimes and awesomeness will be back Friday… but for now ONWARD!

Korean tattoo artist Oozy etches elegant tattoos of tools celebrating skilled-hands professions. Simply gorgeous. Via Skip Clark

“Saturday Night Live” reminds us of “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black”. Via Courtney

Incredible photo set: Black Los Angeles During The First ‘Great Migration’. Via Amy

Damn fascinating infographic-y thing: Your life in weeks. Via Geo

Two excellent pieces on OK Go’s Zero Gravity “Upside Down & Inside Out” video: at Stereogum, a behind-the-scenes look and at Planetary, which includes a video of Bill Nye watching the video. Via Amy

“Hermann Göring’s personal art log is a twisted treasure map…” The Revelations of a Nazi Art Catalogue by Sarah Wildman.

Detective scientists at Northwestern University discover ancient clues in mummy portraits.

The Mighty Morphin’ Pink Power Ranger, Kimberly Ann Hart, is getting her own comic book.

Michelle Threadgould writes Why Kehlani deserves more than a Grammy. Via Courtney

Just because I love you: David Bowie’s Extraordinary Life in 57 Photos.

Something unexpected found on a 17th-century map of Nagasaki.


OK Go – “Upside Down & Inside Out” Behind-The-Scenes Video


Featured image is an excerpt of Power Rangers: Pink #1 Incentive Cover, by Marguerite Sauvage..



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