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Mad Quickies: Oceanic XKCD, Cephalopod Celebration, Russian ChemArt, Naughty Fly Bits and More!

Happy Monday, warriors of the work week! And holla to any of you on vacation. I’ve got yer links for more than a few moments of fun and awesomeness. Onward!

Christo’s newest project is a glorious saffron-colored walkway in Italy: “The Floating Piers”.

Randall Munroe never ceases to amaze me. This XKCD Infographic Shows How Much of the Ocean We Don’t See.

Here’s a cool summertime art project to do with the littles. Exploring Sunography: Making Sun Prints.

Did you know #CephalopodWeek is June 17-24.. Check out the hashtag on the twitterrr for wonderful inky links and photos and vids and drawings!

Biblio-Find 1: For a gorgeous take on marine invertebrates, visual artist, educator, and explorer Susan Middleton has produced “Spineless: portraits of marine Invertebrates, the backbone of life”. Middleton’s book is available at Amazon and via the public library.

Biblio-Find 2: marine biologist Lisa-ann Gershwin authored “Jellyfish: A Natural History” – “A luscious book about our ocean’s brainless, heartless creatures.” Available at Amazon.

REVEALED: There really was a fifth housemate lurking in cult British TV show The Young Ones. This really IS some next-level creepy sh*t. Via Amy

Russian scientists create art through chemistry. Via Amy

Artist Victoria Ying created Il Lupo, a horror comic with a twist. Via Critical Dragon

Artist Wolfgang Buttress and engineer Tristan Simmonds produced an astounding structure called “The HIve”, a 56-foot-tall aluminum honeycomb installation that responds to the buzzing of bees. Originally an award-winning piece at Milan Expo 2015, The Hive is now open to the public at London’s Kew Gardens through November 2017

Well now, here’s an event you don’t hear about every day. Fine Wine and Flies | An Enchanted Evening of Fly Genitalia. This saucy science/art event took place at LA’s Natural History Museum.

Did you know that the twitter bird is created out of 13 overlapping circles? What’s that- you say you don’t care? Well art director Dorota Pankowska was intrigued and then she created 13 different animals each constructed out of 13 circles. This is a lovely, GIF-y scroll of the result.

Bonus news from the Dept. of I’m-Not-Crying-You’re-Crying: Entire Courtroom Dresses As Disney Characters For 5-Year-Old Girl’s Adoption Hearing.


TED talk by “New Yorker” cartoonist Liza Donnelly: Drawing upon humor for change
Via Critical dragon

from the page
New Yorker cartoonist Liza Donnelly shares a portfolio of her wise and funny cartoons about modern life — and talks about how humor can empower women to change the rules.


Over 30 years of animation…

The Evolution of Pixar

Read more at One Perfect Shot.


Featured image is a view of The Hive by Jeff Eden.



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  1. Donna,

    Jonathan Ying and Victoria Ying created that comic.  Jonathan Ying wrote it, and Victoria Ying drew it.  Anyway, I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

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