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Mad Quickies: NYPL Emoji Bot, NASA Gift, Vogue Insensitivity, Lennon Acid Trip and More!

Welcome to the working week, my friends. Here’s something that I hope will make re-entry easier. We’re go for Quickies in 5…4…3..2…

Follow NYLPEmoji, the New York Public Library’s Emoji bot, and they will send you emoji-inspired image from the archives. You can thank the creators, digital producer Lauren Lampasone and software architect Leonard Richardson, for this fabulous bot.

Gardens of the Anthropocene by artist Tamiko Thiel is a Pokémon Go-like art project explores climate change.

Oh my stars and little comets! NASA just made all the scientific research it funds available for free. Via Amy

And speaking of space frontiers… “No Man’s Sky” is an existential crisis simulator disguised as a space exploration game. Vox sez, “It’s cold and lonely and empty and unsatisfying. It’s also worth your time.” You had me at “existential crisis.”

Goodnight, Juan Gabriel. Gone too soon at 66, you still left an enormous legacy through your lifelong mainstay in Latin music. Via Amy

I’m pretty much done with this Olympic season- aren’t you? However here’s a significant thing. ICYMI, to promote the Paralympics, Vogue Brazil digitally removed limbs from actors instead of using actual athletes.

A mom from Texas, whose nomme de social media is Knotty Nichole, is crocheting real Pokémon toys and leaving them at Pokestops. Via Amy


An animated 5-minute history of photography

Read more at brainpickings.


John Lennon’s first acid trip, animated

Read the whole story at Rolling Stone.


Featured image is an excerpt of a screenshot courtesy of No Man’s Sky.



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