Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Now Madder Than Ever.

Well, hi there. It’s the weekend! It’s my birthday! Sh*t is about to really hit the fan in my country! Today’s Quickies are my gift to you. Let’s see what’s what…

“A bloody call to arms” by LA artist Illma Gore, along with an artist collective, is about to be unveiled. Wow!

Why Shepard Fairey’s inauguration protest posters won’t have Trump on them. FYI: the Amplifier foundation Kickstarter ‘We the People: public art for the inauguration and beyond’ mentioned in the article is at half a million and counting. They say “Every dollar you put into this campaign will buy six ads printed and distributed…” Via Beth

In the aftermath of the election, Liberal Artists In Boston Create With A New Urgency.

From The New York Times: Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech. She is everything. Although Amy posted about Streep’s landmark speech, I included the NYT story because it includes Viola Davis’s intro, which is ALSO everything.

I know this is an understatement but Giuliani is a dangerous jackass. The Website of Donald Trump’s Cyber
Security Advisor Is Insecure as Hell
. Via Amy

Wired Opinion from security strategist P.W. Singer: How America Can Beat Russia in Cyber War, Despite Trump.

‘Perfect Footwear for Nazis!’: Boots recalled because their tread leaves swastika imprints. I can”t make this shit up.

The Peace Ball is the progressive alternative to the Trump inauguration.

ICYMI: The Media’s Favorite ‘Millennial’ Is 55 Years Old. “Dan Nainan is known as a 35-year-old former Intel engineer who now makes millions as a comedian. The fact that he’s 20 years older is the least weird part of his story.” Via Courtney

These cubist/realist murals by Belin are incredibly unsettling and I love them. Maybe I’m projecting in this apocalyptic political atmosphere but I feel like they illustrate our own inner conflict.

I want to go to there! Like exactly right now. Ten of the world’s most beautiful bookshops and they are completely different from one another. I do believe that you’ll find me at Shakespeare & Company, Paris.

Your comfort link for the day: As much as it breaks my heart to see animals behind bars, this is actually a lovely bit of a story. Snow Shuts Down Oregon Zoo, So Worker Skis To Check On Animals And This Is What He Finds.


Is History Repeating Itself?

Story at The Hill: Katy Perry-produced PSA asks if WWII history is repeating itself.

from the page

Haru is an 89 year old American woman of Japanese heritage who grew up in Riverside, California. She recalls how her family was put on a registry and incarcerated in an internment camp where they were forced to remain for four years. Then Haru stops talking and does something unexpected…

Executive Produced by Katy Perry

Haru voiced by Haru Kuromiya
Haru & Muslim American played by Hina Khan


Featured image is from the Amplifier Foundation Kickstarter page.



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