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Mad Quickies: Museum of Failure, Vandal Wiki Edits, Der Spiegel Cover, Duplicate Declaration, Carrie Tribute and More!

Good day, my lovelies! Even the Resistance has to stop occasionally for a cup of joe/tea/chai/bourbon and take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty/wonder/geekery/humor of the wide world and beyond. Therefore… onward!

A rare copy of the Declaration of Independence has been found — in England . The sleuths: Harvard University researchers Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen. But how did it get there? Via Amy

If you’re wondering about his weekend whereabouts, there is a website where you can ask Is Trump is at Mar-A-Lago?

Someone chained a cross to Gay Street in Greenwich Village. What happened next is beautiful.

The international community sees the congruity of the U.S. Potus and Kim Jong Un. Der Spiegel’s clever cover [gif] nails it.

A public art project is giving away 4,000 free copies of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Via Jim

Painter and illustrator Olaf Hajek’s portraits of women and men and their extravagant hair/beards are inspired by South American folklore, mythology, and religion.

Everything You See and Hear Was Generated by a 256 Byte Program on a Commodore 64… “A Mind Is Born” an audiovisual masterpiece by Linus Akesson .

Harley-Davidson fragrance, Coca Cola Blak are just two of the items featured at the Museum of Failure. Bonus: links to other unusual museums in the story.

Bonus ridiculous thing for you: 10+ Of The Funniest Wikipedia Edits By Internet Vandals.

Occasionally, a propos of nothing, the internet will give up a fascinating page. This is one of those times. Explore Letter A Logo, Typography Gifs, and more!.


I cried throughout the entirety of this thing.
Here. It’s your turn.

Cast Members pay tribute to Carrie Fisher


Featured image is by Olaf Hajek.



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