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Mad Quickies: Mirrored Pumpkins, The Unfinished, Techno Dystopia, Hyper-Reality and More!

Please join me in starting the day, and for many of us, the working week, with this delicious—and yet—nutritious serving of Quickies. Let’s dig in!

Street artist @majorbigtime has affixed the subway’s MTA stick figures with thousands of Trump heads. And it’s the bad-etiquette stick figure. Strangely, these look so right. Via Courtney

Lady Gaga commits to building a safer space online and asks us to sign the #HackHarassment pledge. Via Amy

Textile designer Penille Snedker Hansen uses a water technique to create multi-color marbled floors. Via Amy

In “The Growth of Microbial Art”, anatomist/medical illustrator Emily Evans discusses three books she’s currently enjoying.

Casting Call: The short film “White Nights, Black Paradise” is currently casting multi-generational black actresses. Contact with queries. Via Amy

Artist Aleah Chapin “tackles tackles gender, aging and what it means to be in a body” by painting unflinching nude portraits. NSFW. Via Amy

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is exhibiting in London at Victoria Miro’s two galleries. and this show, including three mirrored rooms and plenty of pumpkins. The show includes a year’s worth of new sculptures, paintings and installations, including a mirrored room of pumpkins. I would love LOVE to experience the installation Chandelier of Grief. Via Julie M.

New Zealand tattoo artist Benjamin Lloyd is giving kids at Starship Children’s Hospital temporary spectacular tattoos and an amazing confidence boost. Via Courtney

I’ve heard intriguing reports on Unfinished, a show at The Met Breuer in Manhattan. Here’s NPR’s take on it: You Gonna Finish That? What We Can Learn From Artworks In Progress. Via Chris T.

Illustrator Simon Stålenhag uses present images predictively to form a technologically dystopian future. Look- a giant caterpillar wrapped around a car is cool but the idea of people suspended in a virtual reality gratification is truly frightening. Seriously, his site is damn compelling.

You might have seen the super-sweet drawings about the small moments of love by artist Puuung. Here are more “Love Is In The Small Things” illustrations. I know I know- almost too sweet but you will still love these in spite of yourself. Also, man, what a fantastic place these kids have.


Jim sez, “An interesting video that looks at what the world might be like when augmented reality becomes a part of everyday life.” Whoa.


from the page
Hyper-Reality presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media.

Featured image is Yayoi Kusama’s Chandelier of Grief.



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