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Mad Quickies: Merriam-Webster Contest, Meltdown Game, Moonshot Video, Boekbinder Anthem and More!

Good day, my friends! I know you’re a bunch of busy bees so let’s get right to this collection of Quickies. Onward!

Earthrise, From the Moon by the Bad Astronomer is about the astonishingly poignant video created by Nicolaus Wegner. Wegner used images taken by the probe Kaguya to create this beautiful animation. Video included and below.

Merriam-Webster announced a pumpkin-carving contest on twitter. “Tweet a photo of your grammar/language/dictionary/Noah Webster-themed jack-o’-lantern to us by 10/31 to win!” Simply @ Merriam-webster with your entry and use #PumpkinWebster. Via Beth

The charmingly profane Inherently Random embroiders floral anatomy mashups.

Daniel Martin Diaz creates work that is said to stand at the intersection of science, art and magic. He has a show opening called Atomic Enlightenment at Paxton Gate in San Fran. Turns out he’s done some killer packaging too. Diaz on instagram.

“Meltdown” is a climate change board game. Mad Art Jim explains that it’s “designed to teach kids about climate change, and the board is literally made of ice. Save the polar bears before they are doomed by climate change.

Famous musicians are writing 30 anti-Trump songs for the final 30 days of the election. The group called 30 Days, 30 Songs is an effort organized by Dave Eggers. Via Amy

“Director James Gunn Says That ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Will ‘Not Only Pass the Bechdel Test, But Run Over It and Back Up Over It Again’.” Via Courtney

Savas Dimopoulos said, “Why do humans do science? Why do they do art? The things that are least important for our survival are the very things that make us human“. “When Arts meet Neuroscience…” by Naureen Ghani who has a degree in biomedical engineering and paints in her spare time.



by Nicolaus Wegner

from the page
In September of 2016, JAXA/NHK released their SELENE (KAGUYA) High Definition Television (HDTV) data to the public. It’s basically a treasure trove of epic moon/earthrise(set) material. I thought some of the footage was amazing so I made a video. Purely for educational and personal entertainment reasons.


Kim Boekbinder made a little tune for you.

Via Robin

Download song here.


Featured image is an excerpt of a piece by Daniel Martin Diaz.



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