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Mad Quickies: Melania’s Photos, Smith Corona Animation, Jolly Good Sheds, The Chick and the Dead, Twin Peaks Fans and More!

Good day, my lovelies! It’s been a non-stop year this past week. Time for some fun, frolic, self-indulgence and peace. Let’s enjoy…

Kate Imbach tweeted: “Melania posted 470 pics to Twitter btw 2013 – 2015. I examined them all and figured out why she’s still in New York.” This is fascinating, beautiful, melancholy, and not a little chilling. Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump.

“Record Breakers: Artists Who Revolutionized Visual Music Culture” is a special event being held at the renowned Forest Lawn Cemetery and Park. Via Beth

Senior science illustrator at “Science” magazine, Val Altounian describes how she created a dataviz cover.

I’m old enough to remember a time when a physical process was required to produce everything made by graphic design and video software. Yes, kids, it was. Even tv logos were once physical objects.

The people at the ad agency DDB bring you A Wes Anderson-Inspired Tourism Campaign For The Latvian Capital Of Riga. Videos included.

Behold the Pricklebum, the Hedgehog Palace of Ludlow and the rest of Britain’s sheds of the year.

Internet find fo the day: Qualified Anatomical Pathology Technologist, Carla Valentine is the chick in The Chick and the Dead.

The legendary Nora Ephron would have been 76 yesterday. Here’s a piece on Ephron’s take on Women, Politics, and the Myth of Objectivity in Journalism. Five-minute interview included.

Twitter and instagram find: Science cartoonist Armin Mortazavi is @a_scientoonist and armin.scientoonist.

In the ramp-up to the return of “Twin Peaks” to the cultural consciousness, I give you Your Most Exemplary David Lynch Fan Moments.

Retail find: Chemistry Lab Shot Glasses.


A short film by Greg Condon of visual metaphors animated on a vintage typewriter

Sound by One Thousand Birds


I have four minutes of peace for you. Immerse yourself…

It took Jamie Scott three years to shoot what might be the most beautiful spring timelapses ever.

Found at twistedsifter.

from the page

This is a companion piece to my Fall time-lapse from a few years ago. I wanted it to be the polar opposite of the first one. Not just the Fall vs Spring. But wide shots vs close ups, everything in focus vs shallow depth of field, very cuty vs one shot, contemporary music vs classical, static camera vs moving camera.

I shot on a Canon 5D MK2 with a 24mm prime lens. To achieve the continuous motion I used the Dynamic Perception Stage One Slider.

All in all this took 3 years to shoot. I shot over 8TB of 5k footage. It’s finished in 4k.

The composer is Jim Perkins:


Featured image is an excerpt from “Neurons of New York” by Bryan Jones, a retinal neuroscientist and photographer.



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