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Mad Quickies: Med Doodles, Monster Chart, Upside Down Comics, a Burrowing Owl and More!

We did it! We, as in, all of us- well, probably all of us- definitely MOST of us- okay at least SOME of us- frankly only a COUPLE of us have made it to the middle of the week unscathed. I don’t know about you but I am TOTALLY scathed so don’t include me in that equation. However, not too horribly scathed though that I can’t bring you the Quickies. Your intrepid Mid-Week Guy About The Net, Brian, is busy on commission embroidering diamond-encrusted happiness into the night sky. So I’m “helping.” Catch him here soon. Probably Friday since like I said I’m kind of scathed.


Animator Mike Roush brings us:
The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl

from the page

Nature, red in tooth and claw, fork and flower.

WINNER – Comic Con International Independent Film Festival / Best Animation & Judge’s Award / 2009
WINNER – Louisville International Film Festival / Best Animation / 2011
Annecy International Animation Festival 2008
Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2008
KLIK Animation Festival 2008
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2008
Encounters Short Film Festival 2008
Anima Mundi 2009
mountainfilm telluride 2009
SPIKE AND MIKE Next Generation Animation 2009

Written, and Directed, by Mike Roush
Exectutive Producers, Chris Pynoski and Shannon Prynoski
Narrated by Ed Kibbey
Soundtrack by Ryan Demaree
Production Manager, David Busch
Animated by, Mike Roush, Allison Craig, David Vandervoort
Photography, Mike Roush, Steve Kellner, Richard Pose
Edited by, Felipe Salazaar
Background Artist, Mike Roush, Allison Craig, Melissa Levengood, Warren Lee, Ryan DeLuca
Production Assistents, Azenith J. Gueco, Ashley Fisher, Glibert R. Garcia, Waleed Boghosian, Arthur Munoz, Shiloe Swisher, Anthony Akira Andrade
Recored at, Big Bear Productions
Sound Mix, Sonic Pool, Hollywood CA
Director of film out services, John Carter
Optical soundtrack negative by, NT Audio
Special Thanks, Mari Roush, Keith Fey, Kimberly Browning, Dave Vandervoort, The Those Guys, Peter Dana, Point 360, Chris Page, NT Audio, Doug Vito


Featured image is DDx of Chest Pain by Michiko Maruyama.



Geologic Universe, vault-keeper. Sheer Brick Studio, principal. Empty Set, designer. Bethlehem Mounties, media. WDIY 88.1FM NPR station programmer. Skepchick.

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  1. Donna,

    I bet we could add even more monsters to that list. There’s probably ones so obscure that neither of us have even heard of them.

  2. Dragon- If you think of any, please do list them here!
    As always, thanks for reading.


  3. +1 for the Gustave Verbeek collection! It’s expensive, but it’s a beautiful book, and of course Verbeek’s cartoons are just amazing to read through. The images on that page don’t really do it justice. The book (which was published in 2009) was the first time ever that all of Verbeek’s “Upside-Downs” strips were collected in one volume, and in fact many of them had never been reprinted before.

    Ironically, a collection of two dozen strips was published in 1905, at the end of the comic’s run. It was then forgotten for decades, and might still be there if Martin Gardner hadn’t written about it in one of his “Mathematical Games” columns in Scientific American. The next collection was published in 1963 by George Naimark, who painstakingly restored black-and-white images of the cartoon from low-quality microfilm images.

    Back in the 2000s, I used to scour ebay and used booksellers, looking for collectors selling old newspapers, in hopes of finding more of Verbeek’s strips. I was very excited when I learned that Sunday Press Books was making this book; they do excellent, meticulous work. (I’m proud to say that I contributed in a small way: I own a rare copy of the 1905 collection, and I contributed a scan of its decaying title page to be used as the title page of the 2009 book.)

  4. Breadbox- What a superb report! thanks so much for filling us in with that information. And I have to say, it’s no small contribution to have contributed the title page. Fabulous!

  5. Donna,

    I just thought of another monster they could have included. They included the xenomorph from the alien movies but not the Predator. Also there are monsters that are technically neither living nor undead so to speak. Killer Robots or cyborgs could be their own category and they’re not even included on the list. Off course I’m talking about things like the terminator.

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