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Mad Quickies: Mathematical Restoration, Naughty Bits Logos, Sexist Pictorial Parody, Caturday Lesson and More!

Good day, my friends- it’s the weekend! I know you busy lot have heaps to do but surely you have time for a little diversion. Tasty beverrage in hand, I say, “Onward!”

Has Science proved that our brain reacts differently when viewing art? Via Amy

I work with art directors. I showed them this. There was loud and raucous LOL. I’m pretty certain it’ll make your day. This Week GQ Published a Sexist Climbing Piece, and Outdoor Research Stepped in With The Perfect Response. Via Jim

Our resident reporter on gaming news, Courtney offers this. Why “Overwatch” Fans Are Obsessed With ‘Shipping’ Its Female Characters.

A macro timelapse by myLapse, a Barcelona-based production company, highlights the micro movements of colored coral. Mesmerizingly gorgeous. [Video included and below.]

Graphic designer Josh Mishell created a service that helps brands figure out if their logo looks like genitals. If you think this is satirical, a certain GOP campaign would have benefited by it… although, let’s be honest, we’re glad they didn’t. Via Courtney

Artist Su Blackwell sculpted pages of books in her series “Dwelling” that features fairytale scenes. Enchanting.

Using Math to Repair a 650-Year-Old Masterpiece – In the Ghissi Reunification Project Dutch artist and art reconstruction expert Charlotte Caspers recreated a panel and mathematical analysis helped transform the new painting into an appropriate old one.

The the Mashikaku typography project is Japan’s Edo-era lettering elegantly resurrected.


A Caturday video: Why do cats act so weird?

Dud you know that cats purr for many reasons…and one of the benefits is tissue regeneration? Whoa.

Here’s more…

Lesson by Tony Buffington
Narration by Addison Anderson
Animation by Chintis Lundgren
Music by Edi Premate

from the page

They’re cute, they’re lovable, and judging by the 26 billion views on over 2 million YouTube videos of them, one thing is certain: cats are very entertaining. But their strange feline behaviors, both amusing and baffling, leave many of us asking: Why do cats do that? Tony Buffington explains the science behind some of your cat’s strangest behaviors.


Coral Timelapse

from the page

In this video we have tried to show movement and the enormous chromatic beauty of corals, a kind of marine animals that despite being one of the oldest animals on our planet, are mostly unknown.

You will discover its stunning beauty, its spectacular colors and the mystery of his movements.

To capture these images it was necessary to apply the technique of time lapse as the slow movements of these animals are very difficult to see at a glance.

The use of macro lens gives a large enough vision to contemplate the huge variety of colorful species.


Featured image is from the animation “Plastic” by Chintis Lundgren. Music: Cannon Birds.



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