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Mad Quickies: Math Plushies, Rollins Driving App, Klecksography, Really Long D*C Music Video and More!

You guys- happy Monday! I say put that stack of paperwork aside. No time for that. No time at all. We’ve got LOTS to break down here. Onward!

If you’re familiar with Michele Banks, writer and artist, you might like to know she’s in Finland right now and writing some fabulous travel notes. Most recently: Climbed a Mountain and I Turned Around: My Saana Saga. Catch up on her travel notes so far and read the previous entries. Be sure to follow @artologica and see her photos of flora and fauna, both living and not so alive.

This is a creative nightmare come true. The toy industry veteran, artist Brian McCarty discovered that his photographs had been hijacked by ISIS. – via la bibliotequetress

Photographer Olivier Valsecchi shot a series of photos called “Klecksography” of nude nodels forming Rorschach tests. And what do YOU see here? NSFW, obvs. – via Amy

Retail find: Hug the Math! Statistical Distribution Plushies. From Nausicaa Distribution. – via Anne S.

Michelangelo’s David as … an ACTION FIGURE. Also, NSFW because classical peen. – via Beth

And while you’re covertly clicking around here, let me offer this beautiful thing. Finnish-American photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen has been capturing self-portraits and integrating his body with the natural world. Stunning.

This might not be the lightest reading you’ll indulge in today, but it’s so worth it. How 3D printing fossils will change the way we look at human evolution. – via Emily

If you’re my age, you will REALLY appreciate the significance of this. This Henry Rollins driving app tells you how hard it would have been to get there in the 80s.

I LOVE stories like this, especially when people are renovating and stripping away all those horrid decorating ideas over the decades and they find that the structure has a secret past. this isn’t exactly that, but the payoff is amazing. Mosaic Floor From Roman Syria Unearthed in Turkey.

From the Wayback Machine, circa 1976. Read the Pong Manual.


Okay- look, I know this is 30 minutes long and you might only watch a few minutes of it, but dang if it isn’t well done and so fun. If you have ANY fondness for Dragon*Con, then yer going to get kind of misty. Hmmm, I wonder if any of the Mad Art Lab kids were in it…


By beatdownboogie.

Fly your freak flag, people! I salute you!

Info at Laughing Squid.

from the page

“Seabreeze” – Fobee
“Rise of the 80’s Hero” – Artymix
“Only You” – ElecMusic
“Electro Indie Jump” – Kerplunkstudios
“Para O Brazil” – Waderman
“Mighty Fine” – Otis McDonald
“Otis McMusic” – Otis McDonald
“Analogue Dreams” – Dmitri Belichenko
“Sport Progressive 2” – Coe
“Beautiful Inspirational Dubstep” – Mexikus


Featured image is an excerpt of a photo by Arno Rafael Minkkinen.



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