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Mad Quickies: Marisol, Music Industry Sexism, Chernobyl Mural, Gecko Feet, Brutally Honest Sticky Notes and More!

You guys- it’s Friday! No. Really. I know you were on a roll with the working but it’s just about time to call it a week. To congratulate you for making it this far, I give you these sweet treats. Well, most of them sweet. Some are downright infuriating. But I digress. Onward!

Some words I never thought I’d string together: Gecko Feet Help Keep Fine Art Clean.

Fingers to lips to the heavens- the uncrowned queen fo the 1962 Manhattan Pop Art scene is gone. Remembering Marisol – A Pioneering Artist Who Merged Pop And Folk History. Via Amy

Deranged Trump fans violently attacked artist Illma Gore.

Comic artist James Harvey makes a visual case that Frank Miller’s artwork isn’t getting the right color treatment. Interesting exercise with side-by-side examples. Via Charles P.

Jheronimus Bosch continues to be relevant, especially now in this Interactive Garden of Earthly Delights. Turn on your speakers and click away. Via Robin

In the 1960s, J.R.R. Tolkien had commissioned artist Pauline Baynes to create a map. Turns out that the Middle-Earth map found at the deceased artist’s home has Tolkien’s annotations all over it.

A conversation: The Reverse Spy Movie. Via Jim

I think we can all agree that adulting is hard. Oh sure, we can have mimosas for breakfast and cupcakes for dinner, but overall? Difficult. Chaz Hutton’s brutally honest sticky notes prove my point. [Follow @instachaz.]

For a cool nine grand, you too can have a UFO rocking chair.

Bethany Cosentino – Speaking Up About Sexism in the Music Industry. “Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino describes how she helped spark a national conversation about the prevalence of sexism and sexual harassment in the music industry. Via Courtney

Australian street artist Guido van Helten pays tribute to the fallen photojournalist who brought Chernobyl’s story to the rest of the world. Painting A Mural Inside Chernobyl’s Reactor No. 5.


Under the line


Featured image is © Photo and caption by Antonio Leong / National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest.

from the page:
Performances of Chinese opera are usually held in a mat-shed at the Pak Tai Temple in Taipa village. In this small temporary make-up room built solely with bamboo and iconic red-blue-white plastic bags, over 10 performers are preparing for the show,


Geologic Universe, vault-keeper. Sheer Brick Studio, principal. Empty Set, designer. Bethlehem Mounties, media. WDIY 88.1FM NPR station programmer. Skepchick.

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