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Mad Quickies: Maker Life, YInMn Blue, Unequal Scenes, Puppy Robot and More!

We made it, you guyz: it’s the weekend- and not a moment too soon! If you have a few minutes, you will probably find something to amuse/inspire/inform you in this humble list of cool links. Surf’s up!

Here’s some awesome news: our fearless leader was featured in Make magazine and the story is fabulous! Amy Davis Roth Shares What it Takes to Be a Full-Time Maker.

“The world’s newest shade of blue, a brilliantly bright, durable pigment called YInMn blue, has been licensed for commercial use and is already in the hands of some artists.” Chemist Mas Subramanian discovered this stunning new shade of blue. Via Beth

In which Dr. Ray explores moon tea: A Storm of Chemistry. [Note: check out the GoT blog carnival posts at the end of the piece.]

Photographer Johnny Miller captures the divide between the South African rich and poor in his aerial series “Unequal Scenes”.

Something for the American Game of Thrones fans: The Perfect ‘Game of Thrones’ Character for Each State . Lok, I know that there are tons of GoT listicles out there but this is really hilarious and pretty much spot on.

Japanese architects designed a Kindergarten from stacked shipping containers and teh result is both beautiful and functional. [With mixed gender washrooms…whaaaa?]

Boston Dynamics created a new robot that’s sort of like a giraffe puppy. Video included.

Metro LA has new train safety videos and their stick figures die in some pretty gruesome ways.


Nature is pretty wild evenin our domestic world…

Is there a disease that makes us love cats?

Found at Laughing Squid.

from the page

Today, about a third of the world’s population is infected with a strange disease called toxoplasmosis — and most of them never even know it. And while the parasite can multiply in practically any host, it can only reproduce sexually in the intestines of cats. Could this disease be the reason so many people love cats and keep them as pets? Jaap de Roode shares what we know about toxoplasmosis.


Featured image is Amy Davis Roth’s work.



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