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Mad Quickies: Magical Cosplay, Color Thesaurus, 3D Illo Charmers, Wanderlust Sewn Up and More!

Seriously, you guys. It’s Friday and as much as I love to love every day for its own wonderfulness, I can’t deny that YAY HURRAY AND HOLY HAND GRENADE OF ANTIOCH, FRIDAY IS WHERE IT’S AT! [ahem] So without further delay, PENCILS DOWN AND SURF’S UP!


New form SciShow and host Michael Aranda:

Sea Star Wars
Source: Laughing Squid. SciShow Explores Undersea Wars Where Crabs Defend Pacific Coral Reefs From Spiny, Venomous Crown-of-Thorns Starfish

from the page

SciShow takes you to the battleground of a Pacific coral reef, where crabs defend the corals from the spiny, venomous Crown of Thorns sea star.


Featured image is an excerpt of one of the Darwin kids’ doodles. Images courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History and Cambridge University Library.



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