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Mad Quickies: Lovecraft Lady, Dino FX, My Little Furiosa, Tilted San Fran, Famous Avocados and More!

You guyz, we made it! It’s Friday and we are living large! Let’s kick off this weekend with kicking back. From the sublime Lady of Innsmouth endeavor to the wacky tilted San Fran streets video, we’ve got you covered for superior surfing! Onward!


Karen Cheng and Ross Ching bring you:

Tilting the Streets of San Francisco (Gravity Illusions on Hills)

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Created by Ross Ching & Karen X. Cheng
Ross got the idea for this video after seeing some photos with the “tilted camera” effect on steep streets. Since San Francisco is so hilly, it was the perfect city for this idea. The week before we filmed this, we ran all around San Francisco looking for steepest streets we could find (and gained some killer calve muscles).

The hardest part was coming up with ideas that made the gravity illusion look good – we tried lots of stuff that we thought would look good but didn’t work for various reasons (balloons got blown away, pouring water wasn’t visible enough on camera, moonwalking looked weird at an angle). Our favorite effect is the pendulum!

Music: I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ by Scissor Sisters


Matthew Santoro presents:

10 Mythical Creatures that Actually EXISTED!

Via @CriticalDragon1177


Featured image is an excerpt of My Little Furiosa by Eat Toast.



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