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Mad Quickies: Love Wins, Cartoonists on Race, Vintage LGBT Photos, Karpovsky Short and More!

There is nothing that I can say that can make you any happier than the ecstatic wash of rainbow colors across the White House and the entire United States this weekend. It’s just been tears of pure joy everywhere. Rock on, SCOTUS and Obama. And congratulations and best wishes to everyone who is now planning their wedding! Seriously, think about it. This can only be awesome for the economy, right? If you need one, I got a friend who’s got a band. Haha but anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah- if you were celebrating as much as I was, this still seems like Friday morning, so let’s get this party started…

Best Marriage Equality Vine goes to… Sir Ian and Sir Derek.

These are all the colors emitted by the Sun. Notice anything missing? [This post was repurposed recently as io9’s How the Sun Celebrates Marriage Equality. Sweet!]

Danish champion skydiver Kjetil Nordin likes to do a lot of things when he’s not plummeting to earth. Here’s one in particular. He crocheted a Super Mario Bros. 3 blanket. It took him six years to make the geeky blanket of our dreams.

ICYMI: We adore John Oliver and we have to agree that his Internet misogyny rant was satisfying as hell. [via Courtney]

“If James Baldwin didn’t change fucking America, what’s a comic essay going to do?”. Seven cartoonists discuss race, outrage, and black grief after Charleston. [via Glendon Mellow]

Alex Karpovsky plays a struggling actor who portrays unusual illness for medical students in this short film “Actor Seeks Role”. [Video at link and included below.]

Ten-year-old me would LOVE this! Who am I kidding? I want this now! Camp in the Air: New Suspended Treehouse Tents and Hammocks Designed by Tentsile.

A remarkable collection of archival photographs from Sébastien Lifshitz. The Invisibles: Vintage Photos of LGBT Couples in the Early 20th Century.

Pop Chart Lab’s latest poster plots out 300 best of the best coffee shops in Manhattan. Dimensions: 18″ x 24″, $29, archival matte stock, produced in Brooklyn.

Retail find: An eco-conscious company, Bureo makes Recycled Fishnet Skateboards. They founded Net Positiva, a fishnet collection and recycling program. Rad.


“Actor Seeks Role”

from the page

This short film, directed by Michael Tyburski and written by Ben Nabors, features Alex Karpovsky playing an aspiring method actor who — without much luck in traditional gigs — has resorted to acting out the symptoms for a variety of illnesses for the benefit of medical students.


Featured image is a high resolution solar spectrum thanks to N.A.Sharp, NOAO/NSO/Kitt Peak FTS/AURA/NSF.



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