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Mad Quickies: Local Etsy, Skate Church, Coconut Octopus and More!

Happy Friday, you guys! If you’re not on your way to see that movie everyone’s talking about, here are some reasons to spend it surfing…

A stained glass watertower installation by artist Tom Fruin sparkles along Brooklyn’s skyline. Via Beth

Four character posters arrive for the Ghostbusters Team of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones and I want all of them.

Thanks to a platform created by Hyperakt, Etsy has launched curated city guides to encourage local commerce.

The church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Spain was converted into an incredible skate park. Yes, the skating but look at the murals!

Now here’s a cool list: 8 things that are more ancient than they appear. They totally had me at “1- Robots”.

Star Wars Actors Then And Now. Also, Carrie Fisher is the best.


Created by Parachutes.

The Beauty of Mathematics

Read more.

Via Julie M.


Bonus Friday fun!

The crafty coconut octopus

I swear our future overlords are going to be related to these guys.


Featured image is by Tom Fuin.



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