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Mad Quickies: Kristen Stewart Film, Unlikely Dragons, Super Flemish, Martian Potatoes and More!

Good day, my lovelies! It’s 20 degrees in MARCH and soon I have to go take pictures of a parade. [Yep – no climate change here. Nope. Not at all.] Let me leave you to your tasty hot beverages with this interesting bag of stories I collected for you. Br-r-r-r-r. Enjoy!

No doubt you’ve seen The Fearless Girl staring down the charging bull on Wall Street by now. Here’s more info on this installation by sculptor Kristen Visbal. Photos from more angles and a brief maker video included.

Photographer Sacha Goldberger and his team created reimagined superheroes and fantasy characters as 16th century paintings in his photo series Super Flemish. This is a particularly great reimagining—the models are spot on and the costumes and lighting are lush but the attitude in particular is tone perfect.

Brian Kesinger draws dragons to destroy the stereotypes about them. These illustrations a so incredibly charming. Gorüng the Skittish! Aagar the Emotional!

Kristen Stewart, one of the most gifted actors working today, reunited with director Olivier Assayas to make “Personal Shopper”. Read more about this modern thriller: 1- Angela Watercutter at Wired. 2- Peter Sobczynski at 3- Richard Lawson at Vanity Fair.

‘Spy’ Magazine co-founder Kurt Anderson and Alec Baldwin are publishing a satirical Trump book. Moze Halperin is all of us asking, “So…hopefully it’ll be biting and funny? But maybe it’ll feel tired and opportunistic? Or maybe our perception of literally the whole world around us will be unrecognizable by the time it’s published, so who the hell knows?”

Did you know that there is an International Potato Center? Yep. There is. And this is their livecam of a potato growing a simulated Martian environment. Let me back up. Read more about “Potatoes on Mars” here.

Did you know that there is also and International Wolf Center? My colleague Jim sez that the IWC “weighed in on whether former running back Arian Foster could actually beat up a wolf after he declared he could take one because he’s big and they have no thumbs.


I’ve long said that the tactile and handmade will become more important the more reliant we are on technology.

“Societies get sensitive to things that they’re missing.”

This is statement is from the following video short by Delphine Burris that is a commentary on our technological lifestyle.

Why children’s drawings matter


Featured image is an excerpt of The Fearless Girl by iamdawnmccoy on instagram.



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