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It’s the Monday Quickies and it’s smooth sailing. You know what that means. Grab yer favorite morning beverage; surf’s up!


All Creative Work is Derivative

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Nina Paley: All Creative Work Is Derivative

“Filmmaker Nina Paley of Sita Sings The Blues fame comes a simple yet brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed case for the combinatorial nature of creativity.

Paley photographed archaeological artifacts from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and animated them to illustrate her point: All creativity builds upon something that existed before and every work of art is essentially a derivative work.”

An explanation of the why and how of this video can be found at All Creative Work is Derivative>.


This gorgeous new game looks like a 1930s cartoon.


{via George Hrab}

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E3 Trailer for CUPHEAD. Coming for XboxOne and Steam (PC) in 2015!


Featured image is Rough Waters by Ben Young.



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    Glad I was able to access this site. I had trouble accessing skepchick earlier. For some bizarre reason my computer kept telling me the website couldn’t be found. I was really scared because I’m having the same problem with another site and I’ve been having it for some time now.

    Glad you guys like so much of the stuff I send you by the way.

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