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Mad Quickies: Ivorian Resilients, Demonic Mandalas, Surreal Body Paint and More!

Hey hey, friends. stop what you’re doing and clickety-click around some cool links. Let’s go!

What it’s like to be the butt of the joke. 8-year-old Estie Kung, one of the kids at the Oscars, speaks out.. Via Courtney

Photographer Joanna Choumali documents modern African women wearing their family’s traditional clothing. Stunning images of Choumali’s “Resilients” series: “Young Africans, Wrapped in Tradition”.

Ernie Hudson talks about Winston and breaks our hearts. Via Dr. Ray

The Demonic Power of Symbols: Christian Blogger Warns of the Dangers of Mandala Coloring Books. I can’t even. Via Courtney

Perhaps you too have been completely fascinated by Commander Kelly’s year in space and now his homecoming. Astronaut Scott Kelly taller after space stint. Via Amy

70 years ago, six Philly women became the world’s first digital computer programmers. “Without any real training, they learned what it took to make ENIAC work – and made it a humming success. Their contributions were overlooked for decades.”

My colleague Bri mentioned the Indigogo that David and Jennie Orr launched. And hey guess what? I realized during the #sciart tweet storm that in fact “Mammoth is Mopey” is now a published book! Available as a hard cover and e-book.

A device that bakes edible spoons. You’re welcome.


Hikaru Cho, body paint artist, on toco toco

Read more at at Laughing Squid


Featured image is by Hikaro Cho, on Instagram.



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