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Mad Quickies: Groovy Specs, Pornagami, Electronic Clothes, Ant-Man Science, More Pluto Yes and More!

Hey you guys, I know you’re all kinds of busy- whether it’s cleaning out the garage, taking some sun or 3D-printing a birthday cake. I know you’re going to take a break at some point and when you do, I’ve got your diversion right here. Quickly…

Kenyan artist, Cyrus Kabiru digs through old electronics to create extraordinary sculptural eyewear.

This is a charmingly illustrated life of the trailblazing journalist Nellie Bly who paved the way for women in the media. Bonnie Christensen is the writer and artist.

Thank, Wired, for curating all the Pluto science from New Horizons so far.

In the next frontier in sustainable fashion, Programmable Clothes Are Going Commercial.


This actually looks pretty darn cool! There seems to be actual science behind the new Ant-Man film. Trailer included.

This pretty thing. 125 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur with Wings Found Perfectly Preserved is the ancestor to the velociraptor. Rendering by Zhao Chuang.

Bonus Cool Thing: A bear walks into a pie shop…


What happens when you give this ball a little backspin.
It’s the Magnus Effect at work.


Featured image is of crocheted animal skeletons by Caitlin McCormack and will be featured in an exhibit at The Morbid Anatomy Museum.



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