Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Gorey Etiquette, Lost Beastie Species, Homophobe Selfies, Alien Zoos and More!

Hello my lovelies and welcome to the weekend! Doesn’t it feel like big, comfy bunny slippers? Snuggle up and enjoy these warm and fuzzy Quickies. And a hearty Happy Mother’s Day to all you people who are nurturing beings. We salute you!


Located at the University of Edinburgh: A Circular Wave Tank Generating Water Spouts and Other Impressive Aquatic Phenomena


Read about it at Laughing Squid.



Featured image is from Travis Louie’s new series.



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  1. The Archive of Lost Species just made my miserable Sunday much better. Thanks!

  2. Oh I am so delighted! I really do love Travis Louie, too.
    And now I’m laughing because 7.25 is called a “related post” and I see that I’ve used a Louie twice as a featured image.

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