Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: GoPro Wingsuiter, Giant Kinetics, Satellite Sounds and More!

Hey, all- welcome to the working week. I’ve got some quick Quickies to smooth your reentry. Onward!

Kinetic artist Anthony Howe has constructed new enormous hypnotic sculptures. You could watch these automations and contemplate the universe.

Yes there are a lot pf “Star Wars” reimaginings but yu have to admit that this is damn adorable. Here your favorite characters are drawn as Winnie the Pooh and friends by artist James Hance.

Brazilian artist Gabriela Silveira created some very entertaining illustratopms of Your Anatomy During an Ultramarathon.

Allison at Wonderlass says: “I feel like depression is a topic that isn’t discussed too often among creative entrepreneurs and yet, it’s a pretty prevalent thing to ignore.” She give us: ow to Work on Your Creative Business When You’re Depressed as Fuck. Via Anne S.

Listen to satellites whiz around Earth with NASA’s Orbit Pavilion.

Stephen Colbert geeks out talking to Scott Kelly on the ISS.

A 13th Century Guide to Forensic Anthropology and “The Washing Away of Wrongs.”


Benedict Cumberbatch Pays Tribute to Alan Rickman in a Brief Scene From The Simpsons

More at Laughing Squid.


Roberta Mancio is an airborne badass.

from the page
GoPro Athlete, Roberta Mancino, splits two buildings with style as she takes flight in Panama City, Panama.



Sent to me by Sarafina, source unknown.


Featured image is by James Hance.



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