Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Goldilocks Data Viz, Chemical Bouillon, a Tiny Graphite Train and More!

You guys- we made it through Part One of the holidays and we’re heading for Part Deux. Stay strong, keep calm and have some Quickies. Onward!

Jan Willem Tulp of Tulp Interactive was the lead on creating an extraordinary exoplanet visualization for the space-themed data viz conference Visualized 2015. This visualization allows the view to explore “Goldilocks planets”, exoplanets considered to be potentially habitable. Truly, this is data viz at its finest.

Video find: Chemical Bouillon is the video project of three French artists—Antoine Delach, Valere Amirault, and Teurk—”studying the graphic aspect of chemical reactions.” What a genius name! Tons of gorgeous shorts at their youtube channel. I’ll feature a short at the end of the Quickies.

John Scalzi has an empty jar of fucks to give. He elaborates in My Christmas Gift This Year.

From geoglyphs in Kazakhstan to gun-toting ladies in Texas, these are Fast Company’s 22 Best Photo Essays Of 2015.

Bat Labels, as shared by Jared Axelrod.

Super cool artist Red Hong Yi created these Star Wars Shadow Art Photos. Via Courtney

Oh my stars and little comets: two female characters speak to each other and it’s not about a man. Wut?! The Female Force Awakens with four strong roles in the latest Star Wars. Via Critical Dragon

I have no explanation for why but artist Cindy Chinn carved an entire carpenter’s pencil is turned into a tiny train, trestle, and bridge but it feels so right.


Chemical Bouillon’s mesmerizing

The UV dyes series – Blue-Green-Fluorescein


Featured image is from the interactive Goldilocks site.



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