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Mad Quickies: Getty Buddha Caves, Bad FX Supercut, Old-Timey Postcards, Bird Sounds Visualized and More!

You guys- I hope there’s a little Sunday in your Monday. And now that I wished you that bon mot, I’m thinking it sounds a little bawdy. Be that as it may, we’ve got Quickies. Again. Bawdy. ONWARD!

C&EN, the magazine of the American Chemical Society, featured our Chief, Surly Amy, in their article Art On Fire, App For TLC. {via Dr. Ray}

Neuroscientist Bevil Conway says, “”We’re biologically wired to care about color…” Well, that’s not new news but this is still fun to read. Inside The Manipulative World Of Film Color Correction.

The Getty plans to show exact replicas of Chinese Buddhist caves. From the page: “The Mogao Grottoes, a vast network of 492 caves in China, are covered with Buddhist murals. Exact replicas of three of the painted caves will come to the Getty Center in a 2016 show that also will include artifacts from the caves.” {via Courtney}

It’s National Moth Week and to celebrate that fact, National Geographic has this lovely gallery of beauties.

Artist renderings of Pluto over the years. {via Critical Dragon}

THIS IS SO FANTASTIC! Good thing there’s no important dialogue because I am laughing so loud I can’t hear it. A supercut of bad special effects shows us how far we’ve come. Video, obvs.

Which Museum is Winning on Social Media? {via Courtney}

Muhammad Hamid Zaman, a professor of biomedial engineering, muses in The Art of Science. {via Surly Amy}

Retail find: I really should tell you about these in case I want to send you one, but they’re so cool. Old collectible postcards from Shackman.


Bird Sounds Visualized

from the page

Bird sounds captured using a digital audio recorder and fed into a computer to activate particle effects.


Featured image is Teenage Mutant Ninja Renaissance Turtles by Owen Dippie. Photograph © Jaime Rojo.



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