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Mad Quickies: Fukushima Photos, Bacteria Book Cover, Screenplay Dataviz, Cactus Trap and More!

Happy Monday, geeksters! Here- have a warm cup of delicious Quickies and slowly ease into your day. Yummmmmmm!

We’ve featured Rafael Araujo’s gorgeous work before but I’m happy to report that thanks to a wildly successful kickstarter, his Golden Ratio Coloring Book looks like it will become a reality.

This is devastating and you can’t look away. Haunting Photographs of Residents Returning to Daily Activities in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone features the work of photographers Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bressio from their project Retrace Our Steps. [Be sure to visit the project site.]

Allegedly, graffiti artist Scott Marsh was paid $100,000 to paint over his mural of Kanye kissing himself. Via Amy

Molecular biologist Dr. Simon Park used bacteria to recreate “On the Origin of Species” cover. Also noteworthy: Park curates C-MOULD, the world’s largest collection of microorganisms for use in the arts and design. Via Chris T.

DJ Daniel Gourski makes trap music using a cactus. Listen to the whole piece on Soundcloud. [Video included below.]

Writer Kieron Gillen talks about “The Wicked + The Divine”, its main character Laura, female fandom, and the importance of female heroes. Via Courtney

As Mad Art Ryan sez, “Proving something you already knew.” Film Dialogue from 2,000 screenplays, Broken Down by Gender and Age.

From [slightly spoilerish] content like how the film starts to process like how the characters were moved like puppets, here’s Everything you’ve wanted to know about the making of “Finding Dory”.

And in Highbrow Design News: Designer to Distribute F Art Whoopee Cushions as Art Criticism. Via Courtney

Retail Find: Artori Design’s Female superheroes help restore order to your bookshelf.

Hack this: The best online gadget teardown guides.

Bonus Amusement: I give this a solid LOL. 25+ Random Acts Of Genius Vandalism.


Blank on Blank presents:

Jane Goodall’s Instinct

from the page

“Animals were my passion from even before I could speak apparently. When I was about 10, 11 I fell in love with Tarzan”
– Jane Goodall, as told to Ira Flatow in 2002


Cactus Trap


Featured image is from the project “Retrace Our Steps” by photographers Carlos Ayesta and Guillaume Bressio.



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  1. As a microbiologist, I love the idea of making famous biology books out of bacteria! What a neat idea.

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