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Mad Quickies: Frida Speaks [maybe], Michelle Restores, Paul Treks, and Henry Animates!

Hello, my friends, and welcome to the working week! I’ve got some interesting items for you! Let’s get started…

It’s quite possible that a recently found “audio clip featured in the 1955 pilot episode of Mexican radio show “El Bachiller” could represent the only known example of Frida Kahlo’s voice, the National Sound Library of Mexico announced this week.” There’s some blather in the article about Kahlo’s strong personality and activism versus what is being called a feminine voice and I’m sorry my eyes are rolling back in my head and can’t finish this sentence. The article includes the clip, which is the whole reason for this Quickie.


Michelle Spalding restores unrestorable photographs and chalks up her success at it to “meticulous care.” She says, “I occasionally take on requests to restore damaged family photos in Photoshop. Some of these photos have suffered heavy damage, and I enjoy that particular challenge.” Look, I work with some razor-sharp designers at an award-winning shop and THEY said this is indeed remarkable. [A wave of the paintbrush to George H. for the link]


Journalist Paul Salopek attempted to retrace a 24,000-mile walk, a path blazed by early Homo sapiens. His essay begins: “In January, 2013, under a desert sky the yellow of old newsprint, I set out, on foot, from Africa’s Rift Valley and began walking to Tierra del Fuego, the freezing tip of South America. Using the archeological record and recent advances in human genetics, my aim was to retrace, as closely as twenty-first-century borders and wars allowed, the pathways blazed by the first Homo sapiens, who left Africa to discover the world about sixty thousand years ago.”


The Night Sky Petunia is a gorgeous “purple bloom that will have you seeing stars—literally. Scientifically known as Petunia cultivars, this cosmic flower features unique markings reminiscent of a starry sky. Each unique plant features clusters of purple flowers speckled with luminous white dots that look like celestial bodies.” [A click o’ the gardening clogs to Ryan for that.]


I really dig video/animation of life forms morphing. This particular brief animation by Henry Warne of a tadpole to a frog is absolutely seamless!




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