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Mad Quickies: Free Art Books, Asphyxia, Archizoo, Kafka Covers, Bad Dinos and More!

You guys, our trusty correspondent and art guy of major skills, Brian, is off on a seekrit assignment. I can never adequately match his awesomeness at Quickifying the net for you but I can humbly offer these fab links. Enjoy!


Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards

Animation that is terrifying and adorable at the same time.

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from the page

The name ‘Dinosaur’ literally translates as ‘Terrible Lizard’. In our world, they really are terrible. In fact they are absolutely useless.

All the dinosaurs featured really existed.

Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards is an animated comedy nature documentary in which an unseen narrator guides us through the lost world of these majestic morons.

The Allosaurus has a head so heavy it drags along the floor.

The Apatosaurus has a neck so long and thin it dangles like a piece of

This is an ecosystem of gigantic idiots.

By Joel Veitch, Alex Mallinson and David Shute


Featured image is “Distortions” by Francis Bacon, courtesy of CORBIS.



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