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Mad Quickies: Forgotten Surrealists, Tattooed Women Prevail, Space Whisky, Meditative Coloring and More!

Good day, all! When Dr. Ray shared this bit of information with us with us: Leather gets a new perfume, new guy Jim proceeded to pen this gem:

“Hello researchers? This is BondageCo, where we’re fit to be tied!”
“…Yes? Is this about that thing we ordered?”
“No! You signed up for “The neighbours will never suspect” shipping, so it will arrive in 5-8 days in a plain, brown package. This is about the scented leather. Mmm…Just say that. Scented leather.”
“O-okay. Is there a scent you’re looking for?”
“Glad you asked! We put up a poll on our Facebook, and we have a list. There’s the usual romantic ones, roses and lavender, blood or copper for the vampire fiction crowd…”
“Mhmm, let me get a pen.”
“Strawberries, blueberries, apple pie, pecan pie, gluten-free pecan pie, watermelon, celery, turnips…”
“If you have to ask, you don’t want to know. Those were just our runners up, though.”
“Oh. Umm, what was the top choice?”
“Pine-scented air freshener.”

That said… Onward!

The Secret Lives Of Tattooed Women. “The tattoo parlor was a man’s world. But that’s finally changing.” Excellent article! {via Surly Amy}

Dora Maar was far more than just Pablo Picasso’s muse. She was a brilliant artist and one of Seven Forgotten Women Surrealists Who Deserve To Be Remembered. This is a glorious reminder of their brilliance. {via Anne S.}

Picture books where the girls kick butt. {via Critical Dragon}

The art of science: Researcher gains acclaim for photography . Stefan Eberhard’s passion for photography came from his work in microscopy. {via Surly Amy}

Photographer Adama Jalloh is taking beautiful photos of black girls getting their hair done. {via Dr. Ray}

There’s a reason that six of the top 20 selling books on Amazon are adult coloring books. Why Coloring Could Be The New Alternative To Meditation. {via Surly Amy}

Photographer Stephen Orlando captures the movement of musicians through light painting.

Thanks to Japanese distillery Suntory, The World’s Best Whisky Goes To Outer Space.

Helping art and science stick together. VCU grad Nickolai Walko shows the intricate workings of the human body using…tape. {via Surly Amy}

This story is from last fall but I just found it and had to share it. Bionic Research Pavilions Shows Potential of Novel Design. Lots of images of different angle and maker schematics. Cool!


What Happens When a Red Hot Nickel Ball Is Placed on Top of Floral Foam

Found at Laughing Squid.


Featured image is “Untitled” by Bridget Bate Tichenor, signed and date Oct 1976, oil on linen.



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