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Mad Quickies: Ferris Monsters, Humanitarian Drone, Synesthesia Mask, Logan Review, Nanoamerica and More!

Good day, my friends! Thought I’d drop by to lay a few awesome clicks on ya’…some interesting essays, a humanitarian drone and an engrossing piece on Emil Ferris whose style I cannot get enough of. Have at it!

First, Emil Ferris Was Paralyzed. Then Her Book Got Lost at Sea.. According to Art Spiegelman, “Emil Ferris is one of the most important comics artists of our time.” The graphic novel is “My Favorite Thing is Monsters”.

At Vulture: Excellent essay by Abraham Riesman What Logan Gets About Telling a Great Superhero Story. [slightly spoilerish]

At The Sweetest Debut, Sarah Seltzer interviews writer Lilliam Rivera on Bowie, Star Wars, and Trying to Stay Calm Post-Trump.

Star Simpson and her robotics team created the Aerial Platform Supporting Autonomous Resupply Actions or APSARA is a drone that delivers medicine…and then decomposes.

Aerospace engineer, Zachary Howard created a synesthesia mask that lets you smell colors.

Jacob Clifton—of TWOP cred and current deputy editor at Screener—writes: The Downfall Of YouTube’s Biggest Star Is A Symptom Of A Bigger Illness. “The schadenfreude over YouTube star Felix Kjellberg’s sudden fall from grace overlooks a much bigger, more insidious pattern of young men testing boundaries in the angriest corners of the internet.”

At Starship Sofa, my friend George Hrab narrates “Nanoamerica” by David John Baker, “a philosophy professor at the University of Michigan, where he studies the conceptual foundations of modern physics”.


The Art and Science of Conservation at the Freer Gallery of Art

Found here.

from the page

What’s possibly the most calming yet nerve-racking job in the world? Come behind the scenes of the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art to find out!

The conservation and scientific research of ancient Asian art takes a large team of experts from many fields. In order to bring thousands of treasures from the East to the galleries of the Smithsonian in downtown Washington, D.C., several critical and careful steps toward ensuring the objects’ continued longevity must be taken.


Featured image is from the cover of “My Favorite Thing is Monsters” by Emil Ferris.



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