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Mad Quickies: Feminist Pirate Chantey, Rubik’s Table, X-men X-plainers, Bleak Cereal Mascots and More!

Hey there, my friends, let me help you ramp up to your work week. Easy does it. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and take a looksee at these Quickies. Onward!

This is quite possibly the best Key & Peele. We are still singing along with their feminist pirate chantey. {via Emily F.}

From Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls: Sophie Scholl led the White Rose resistance against the Nazis. This profile and coloring page celebrates her courage and the difference she made. {Via Surly Amy}

Podcast find: Rachel and Miles X-plain the X-men. Ryan found this and said: “Imagine two progressive, well-read, socially conscious feminists going through all that is awesome and problematic in Comics while also being super cute and funny.”

Swedish artist Celia Levy creates Eggshell-Thin Cups and Saucers Out of Spiderman Comics and Century-Old Books. Because of course.

And now, a word from Cartoon Neuroscience. Welcome to the Internet & Its Dickhead Tsunami.

Graphic designer Inka Mathew matches tiny everyday objects to their Pantone colors. See more at her blog, Tiny PMS Match.

Brian, our intrepid Wednesday reporter brought you some Pluto information, the space event of 2015. Here’s more. A ‘Heart’ from Pluto as Flyby Begins. {via Surly Amy} and Why the July 14 Pluto flyby will be a spectacular event for all of us.

Did you know that cutting all the white people out of Hollywood films makes them under a minute long? {via Ryan}

Illustrator Kate Gavino reimagined famous authors as cereal mascots. Bleak cereal mascots.

Retail find: These 15 out-of-this-world sci-fi t-shirts are darn amusing.


Our friend Steve Payne built this.
And you are totally going to want one.

Rubik’s cube coffee table

{via Surly Amy}


Featured image is an excerpt from a photo taken by CMDR Scott Kelly from the cupola of the International Space Station. Kelly’s year aboard the ISS began March 2015.



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