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Mad Quickies: Female Superhero News, Death Positive-ness, Tortugas Time Lapse, Titanic Menu and More!

Happy Monday, geeklings, and may the day be kind to you. At least you can count on these Quickies for a little joy. Let’s begin, shall we?

This is about an outsider artist I’ve never heard of: Exploring the Troubled Mind of Eugène Gabritschevsky, a Russian painter who created most of his work while in a mental institution.

Trailblazing astronomer Vera Rubin celebrated her 88th birthday on July 23rd. Read about her interview on minimizing obstacles and the thrill of accidental discovery with psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi for his book on creativity.

The “Luke Cage” trailer dropped… and it’s unapologetically black. Watch it! Via Courtney

From our friend the Bad Astronomer: Time-Lapse: The Skies Over Dry Tortugas shot by photographer Harun Mehmedinović.

This. Just in. Turns out, not only is “The Killing Joke” movie is a disaster [as we reported], the Comic-Con panel turned into a complete shitshow. Via Courtney

It’s official. Brie Larson Is Captain Marvel.

I swear my fealty to Gal Gadot. And I hope that this is the movie that we all want it to be. Wonder Woman – first trailer.

I’ve mentioned Caitlin Doughty for her book [which is on my wish list], but I don’t recall visiting her site. For no other reason than I think you’d want to know about this: The Order of the Good Death is a fascinating “death positive” site featuring funeral industry professionals and artists [ !!! ], run by Doughty.

If you are wondering what the Titanic passengers dined on, wonder no more. [Cocoanut sandwich?]

Photographer Yoshinori Mizutani created the image series “Kawau”, revealing the unexpected beauty of birds on a wire.


Majestic, cinematic, captivating….

Time Lapse by photographer Harun Mehmedinović

More about The Skies Over Dry Tortugas


Featured image is an excerpt of “Untitled” by Eugene Gabritschevsky, 1950, gouache on paper, 48 x 63 cm. Collection Chave, Vence. © Galerie Chave.



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