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Mad Quickies: Escher-esque Tessellations, Walk Cycle Animation, Vintage Book Jewelry, Female Cartographers and More!

My little chickadees, I hope you’ve recovered from whatever springtime bacchanal you’ve enjoyed over the [long] weekend. Here, have something that is not chocolate-covered and yet so very, very tasty. Yumz!

Thousands of people have enjoyed her work and yet they’d never recognize the name “Es Devlin.” She’s the world’s foremost set designer.

Alumna of UCLA, cross-disciplinary artist/researcher Pinar Yoldas will lecture there on Tuesday, April 5th about her work that focuses on “post-humanism, eco-nihilism, anthropocene and feminist technoscience.” Read more about the artist on her site. [Being on the east coast, I am completely jelly of everyone who can hop in a car and go to her talk.] Via Amy

Slated to star in Beyoncé’s new video: Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and Mike Brown’s parents. Via Courtney

From the Religious Outrage Dept.: Dropping ‘Easter’ from eggs stirs culture war in U.K.. Via Amy

I cannot describe how badly I want one of these. I might want all of them, yes please. Jewelry maker Jeremy May transforms vintage books into layered rings, bracelets and pendants. Alas, these beauties are not for sale…but you can view May’s work at a Manhattan group show on view right now through April 24th “Read and Worn: Jewelry From Books” at RR Gallery.

How 20th-Century Women Put the ‘Art’ in Cartography . “The third part in a series exploring little-seen contributions to cartography.”

Fan Alert: New Jessica Jones Comic From Brian Bendis And Michael Gaydos To Be Announced Later This Year. Via Courtney

Thanks to a widget designed by Jo Edkins, you can make Escher-style tessellations online.

Speaking of which, Project Escher could finally make it possible to 3-D print cars. Autodesk Built A Super-Fast 3-D Printer For Huge Objects.


Animator JustGoscha rediscovers his love of animation through:


Read more from the animator here.

Found at Neatorama.


Featured image is by Pinar Yoldas from the “Designer Babies” series.



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