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Mad Quickies: Empower Mint, Fidget Cube, Dog Origins, Westworld Analysis, Liquid Science Tricks and More!

Holla, geeksters! Don’t look now but it’s Monday! Pour ya’self a tasty wake-up beverage and enjoy these lovely Quickies. Let’s go!

Mad Art Courtney offered this on the Lab’s private forum, ‘Westworld’ Creators Explain the Show’s Existential Use of Violence and Sexual Assault. We chatted about the show’s treatment of some difficult topics that have been gratuitously on full display on HBO in the past. At the moment, I would say some of us are tentatively “in” on Westworld. Let me add some worthy analysis. Two of my favorite writers have this to say. Here’s Jen Chaney: Why Westworld’s Violence Doesn’t Feel Gratuitous. And this is Matt Zoller Seitz: The Layered, Self-Aware Westworld Is Perfectly Suited for This Pop-Culture Moment.

Ben & Jerry’s launches a new flavor aimed at combating racism and injustice: Empower mint. Proceeds will benefit the NAACP NC. The company released a pretty sizable and powerful statement which includes this: “All lives do matter. But all lives will not matter until Black lives matter.”

Designed by brothers Matthew and Mark McLachlan, the Fidget Cube reportedly helps you to be more productive.

The Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards celebrate excellence and beauty in data visualizations, infographics and information art. Here is the shortlist of contenders and their dataviz. Also, check out the 2015 winners.

The board game Me, Myself, and You was designed to help autistic adults make friends. The game’s creators are Devika Patel, Claire Jacobson, and Nina Ligon, recent grads. [Vid included.]

Surrounded by pain, doctors turn to poetry, writing to cope with loss. “So many health care professionals write verse that it has become its own genre…” The examples here will break your heart.

I love well-done 404 pages and Taco Bell’s is great. This bit of charm was designed by Tom DesLongchamp.

Take down the Demogorgon with a Stranger Burger.


Atlantic science writer, the fantastic Ed Yong explains the surprising origin of dogs in light of new research in this animated new video.

The Origin of Dogs

Found at the Squid.

from the page

How and when did wild wolves turn into domestic pets? Science tells us that humans were behind the domestication of what is now man’s best friend—but the timeline of the transformation has always been mysterious.


From Brusspup…
No-Leak Magic Bag, Leidenfrost Effect and Other Science Tricks Using Liquid



Watch full episode at Comedy Central.

Via Courtney


Featured image is by Maria Tiurina.



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