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Mad Quickies: Dino World Kickstarter, 111 Female Podcasters, Research Defense, Object at Rest Video and More!

Welcome to a short working week, all you people who had a long holiday weekend! And, well, to those of you who didn’t, hey it’s Tuesday! So win-win. I have some cool links for alla’ youse so it’s win-win-win… Onward!

Artist Melissa Walter is a NASA science illustrator and her work “A New Stellar Order” shows at the Teros Gallery through June 28 in San Diego. [Video below]

Big data sleuths uncover clues to the roots of depression. “Scientific American” speaks with neuroscientist Eric Nestler, senior author on a paper illustrating this development. Via Amy

A Kickstarter worth kicking in for: SAURIAN – An open world dinosaur survival experience … that is scientifically accurate! Via Ethan

I know we’ve all heard of the internet, but it seems that more alarmingly than ever people use words more flippantly than ever. It’s just a constant casual horrorshow. The case of “No Man’s Sky” creator Sean Murray: Please don’t make death threats because a video game got delayed. Via Courtney

And now for A Magnificent List of 111 Female-Hosted Podcasts (And Counting). Listy, linky goodness! And in a rare moment, the comments contain even more suggestions by readers. Via Rose via Brian

I want to imagine that if I’d meet Melissa McCarthy we’d be awesome friends and hang out a lot and she would say awesome things like she did in response to those negative Ghostbusters commenters. Via Courtney

Bauhaus design fans: The Future Looked Bright A László Moholy-Nagy retrospective, Moholy-Nagy: Future Present runs at the Guggenheim May through September.

“War” by Sebastian Junger [with its accompanying Afghanistan conflict documentary “Restrepo”] is only one of 11 History Books You Should Read Before Writing Your Military SF Novel. Via Critical Dragon

Catch up on your Game of Thrones recaps with Blood of My Blood by Laura Stone at Hey, Don’t Judge Me.


Seth Boyden’s

An Object at Rest

from the page

An Object at Rest follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millennia, facing nature’s greatest obstacle: human civilization. My final thesis film at CalArts!

On PBS News Hour

A defense of research by biologist Sheila Patek

Via Bruce Press

from the page

Duke University biologist Sheila Patek has faced criticism from lawmakers over her research into mantis shrimp and trap-jaw ants, with some calling her government-funded studies a waste of taxpayer money. But according to Patek, not only do her findings have important practical applications, but scientific inquiry is most fruitful when knowledge is sought for its own sake, not to justify budgets.


Melissa Walter talks about A New Stellar Order


Featured image is a detail of “Black Hole with Accretion Disk and Jet” by Melissa Walter.



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