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Mad Quickies: Deerhoof at CERN, Senior Yarn Bomber, Nameless Paints, Cosmonauts Artifacts, Fire-Breathers and More!

Don’t you love when the internet loses its composure over something really cool? I feel compelled to add to the Martian water craze so I got some nice things for ya’. Onward!

“Cosmonauts” Exhibition Offers Rare Look at Soviet Space Artifacts in London. {via Surly Amy}

As part of the Ex/Noise/CERN series, Deerhoof Perform at the Large Hadron Collider. Video included. {via Courtney}

Grace Brett, a 104-Year-Old Street Artist, yarn-bombs her town. {via Courtney}

Streaks of flowing water. On Mars. In a GIF!. And here’s the explanation for NASA’s animation.

I know you’re asking yourselves the question, Does this water on Mars news throw off The Martian’s plot?. [Mostly spoiler-free.]

And just because he’s the bomb diggity… For more on the evidence of Martian water, the Bad Astronomer weighs in.

Hari and Deepti‘s duo Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panickerof construct paper dioramas inside blacklit light boxes. Feast your eyes on their latest work.

A trippy tidbit from Mental Floss: The Spooky Science behind Ouija Boards.

Retail find: Moar science-y tee shirts.

Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki, the design duo Ima Moteki, created Nameless Paints, a 10-color paint set identified by one or more circles of color.


Enjoy this Matrix-y fire-breathing beauty of a video from Mitch Martinez.

Inferno – Bullet Time Camera Array
Found at Laughing Squid.

from the page

48 DSLR camera array + RED Epic (120fps) and GH4 (96fps). No CGI Animation or VFX. All imagery in this video was created in-camera.


Featured image is by NASA/JPL/University of Arizona.



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