Mad Quickies

Mad Quickies: Civil War Ephemera, GPS Doodles, SciArt Twitter Spotlight, Elfman Horror Score and More!

Seriously, is ANYone in the States getting any work done today? Everyone who’s not in the media or on the actual campaign teams, that is. Friends of mine have piled up movies and magazines—I’ve saved the new Westworld episode for tonight. So choose your recreational jam, gas up the car and plan your day around voting tomorrow. And speaking of recreation- I’ve got some Quickies fo ya’ Onward!

On the Cover: Donald Trump by Barbara Kruger for the Election Issue. Via Amy

To paraphrase a message by Glendon Mellow: The artist-scientist Vexed Muddler has started a rotating-curator account about #SciArt on Twitter featuring a new science-artist every week. Check out @IAmSciArt, and add it to your feed. For artists, you can sign up to contribute here.

It was thought the effort might produce a few hundred new items. Instead, more than 33,000 pages of letters, diaries, documents and photographs were unearthed. From the attics and shoeboxes of Virginia, a trove of Civil War-era historical gold .

Cyclist Stephen Lund draws the world’s largest doodles by using a GPS app while riding his bike.

I want to visit the Parma labyrinth. In the daylight of course. Let’s get lost in the 12 extraordinary labyrinths.

A damn good question. Why won’t the Country Music Association Awards mention Beyoncé?. Via Courtney

Artist Yoshitoshi Kanemaki has been making new glitched sculptures of women out of chiseled wood. Unsettling to be sure but the process images are super cool.

After the second U.S. presidential debate, Danny Elfman was inspired to compose a horror score about Trump. You can check it out here.


I’m not crying you’re crying!

Remembering Steve Irwin’s Incredible Encounter with an Orangutan Mom and Her Baby

Found at Twisted Sifter.


Featured image is a doodle by Stephen lund.



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