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Mad Quickies: Bycatch, Banksy, Buddhists Battle Art Theft, Super Planet Crash, Sisterhood of the Traveling Armor and More!

Hey hey! You guys, I can’t get enough of Dismaland. If there were some way I could go right now, I would be typing this to you on my flight to the UK. But sadly, I can only offer you this…

Here’s a peek inside the galleries and a playlist of short films. Not only are there works by 58 artists, but there are pieces by 22 directors and animators. This post includes links to the 24 short films included in the hour-long Cinema program that Christopher Jobson curated. This is AMAZING.

From Juxtapoz: An Interview with Banksy about Dismaland. The ful interview will be published in the October 2015 issue of Juxtapoz.

A Lesson in History, Perspective, and Privilege, an illustrated personal piece by Lab alum, Maki Naro. {via Surly Amy}

Have you heard of Richard Christian Matheson’s new space series? No? According to the PR, this is an innovative and realistic television series. In fact, it’s a Kickstarter that exceeded its goal. VOYAGER – A Sci-Fi Series Based On Events From A Near Future. {via Grant Harvey}

This article explains: Try to Build a Stable Solar System: Orbital Physics and World Making. And this is the groovy game! Play Super Planet Crash. {via Emily F.}

Japanese temples stop theft by replacing priceless statues with 3D-printed copies. If only all the antiquities that ISIS destroyed had been copies… {via Courtney}

Lab dweller, Jim T. asks: “Tired of games about dystopian robot futures? Play a card game about our dystopian robot present. Determine where your drones will strike from a single blurry photo on your smartphone in Bycatch.” I think the game’s tagline encapsulates it nicely. “A card game about flawed surveillance, impossible decisions, and the people caught in between, for 3–5 players.” Buy it here.

A Girl Was Bullied For Liking Star Wars, And Was Helped In The Best Way . This is sort of a Sisterhood of the Traveling Armor, taking a horrible legacy and turning it on its head. Hurray, 501st Legion!

At NPR’s 13.7 Cosmos and Culture: Our mission here rests heavily on exploring the intersection of science and art. In this essay, Adam Frank discusses The Divergence Of Art And Science. {via Surly Amy}

Expensive cat-toy ignoring unit. I am vindicated that it’s been found. Feline Anatomy [revised].


At Dismaland, Jimmy Cauty’s installation includes this piece.

do plastic policemen dream of model railways

from the page

The L-13 Light Industrial Workshop presents JAMES CAUTY The Aftermath Dislocation Principle Parts I and II

A small world re-enactment spectacular.

Enter a miniaturized, post-apocalyptic world: frozen in time, diminished destroyed, burned, looted, abandoned, derelict, devoid of people, of all life, apart from a swell of police.

Cauty says:
The exhibit is in a large dark railway arch in London, there is a 20ft camera jib extending over the set, attached to the end is a small LED light that is programmed to move over the set like a police helicopter search light, ambient light is provided from wall mounted halogen work lights reflecting off the walls.


Featured image is Ronit Baranga’s anatomical ceramics featured at Dismaland.



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