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Mad Quickies: Bullwhip Scientist, Rocket Girls, Blacklight Posters, Food-Scanned Spacescapes and More!

Happy Record Store Day, you guys! Go out and buy some vinyl and support! In the meantime, while you gear up for the outside world, take a look at these here Quickies. Enjoy!

The Rise of Rocket Girls: The Untold Story of the Remarkable Women Who Powered Space Exploration “How a small group of “human computers” upended the gender norms of their day to conquer the cosmos.”

How “Nina” Became A Disaster Movie. “More than 11 years in the making, Nina has been accused of racist casting and wounded by behind-the-scenes fighting. Here, the filmmakers reveal how it all went so wrong.” Via Courtney

When Art Falls Apart – “As plastic used in modern art degrades, scientists turn to nanotechnology to put it back together”. Via Brian

Dig these trippy blacklight posters from the psychedelic heyday. In related news, did you know that there is a museum of fluorescent art in Amsterdam? Via Julie

Photographer Navid Baraty uses household items and scans food to make his gorgeous fictional spacescapes. Follow him on Instagram.

Perfect for a languorous Saturday break:
Clive James addresses binge-watching and “the most addictive show on television.” But before you think you have this essay/critique figured out, you really don’t. At least I didn’t. And after a few paragraphs, I was totally hooked into reading the whole damn insightful thing. Thrones of Blood. [Please don’t read this if you are not up to speed with GoT.]

Space Nerdz: I got you something nice. A Topographically Accurate Lunar Globe Designed with Data From NASA. You can thank Oscar Lhermitte.

Retail find: We need to stock the bar at Mad Art Lab with this beautiful glassware embossed with the molecular structure of the drinks they hold. These are from Cognitive Surplus which oh my stars and little comets look at these notebooks!

It’s high time we develop this: This pizza box folds into a weed pipe. Real? Not really but clever as hell.


Meet the Neuropsychologist Who’s Also a Master of the Bullwhip

brought to you by: NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Jessica Cail: My Doctorate In Bullwhip

Found here.

from the page
Jessica Cail is an Experimental Neuropsychologist who studies the psychopharmacology of addiction and teaches at Pepperdine University. Jessica is also a stuntwoman and circus performer. One of her favorite roles was playing a double-bullwhip wielding villainess on the Nickelodeon series, Supah Ninjas. She’s also great on stilts.


Featured image is from the WANDER Space Probe project by photographer Navid Baraty.

Created using a food scanner:
• Planet – bottom of a glass containing orange juice, wasabi, tomato sauce, half & half
• Moon – pancake
• Nebula – water, coffee, food coloring, half & half



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